About Us

We accelerate, grow and develop in the events and entertainment sector to be the most prominent events company in the kingdom and the region.We have collaborated with the most successful international partners in their fields, to deliver world class standards and expertise to align with Vision 2030.

Who we are ?

G-EXPO is a leading Saudi firm in event industry. The company was established in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, more than five years ago.

Over a short period of time, it has successfully occupied a good position as one of the most prominent innovators in event organization, entertainment, marketing and advertising that are characterized by uniqueness, competitiveness and diversity in the local market in Saudi Arabia.

What we do?

G-EXPO is distinctive in its unique way that is characterized by its innovative vision, creative services, outstanding performance and attention to details. Furthermore, we have an extensive knowledge of the local community and culture as well as the awareness of the Saudi market‘s particularity and needs. In addition, we always attempt to make our clients‘ events endless stories of success. Our organizational expertise includes all aspects of the event, from designing to planning and execution.

Our Services

Event Management & Curation

G-EXPO offers an integrated system of services that meets all of its clients‘ needs and requirements. Our main services include:

  •  Event management.
  •  Event planning and organization.
  •  Event design.
  •  Event curation
  •  Event execution.
  •  Production and AV. 
  •  On-site logistics.






In the events business ,communication is considered to be a strong link between the brand and the consumer which enables the brand to realize its needs through its consumers. We are specialized in developing such a relation through focusing on specialised marketing methods. Our main services include:

  •  Integrated creative services.
  •  Marketing planning and strategy.
  •  Digital marketing.
  •  Interactive and promotive activities.
  •  Outdoor marketing.
  •  Social media.




We have considerable expertise to perceive the key elements that form the event brand to achieve great short-term and long-term economic results, starting from the preliminary conception, strategy definition and the brand reclassification. Our major services include:

  •  Brand design and development.
  •  Content creation.
  •  Web development.
  •  Packaging.
  •  Printing.
  •  3D graphics.
  •  Advertising and promotional gifts.

Crowd Management

Crowd Management is an essential part of events. Whether it's a small or large event, we make sure the event runs smoothly from start to end and especially during emergencies to the highest standard. Our main services include:

  • Security.
  • Bodyguards.
  • Ushers.
  • Control rooms.
  • Valet parking.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Registration and ticketing systems.

Media and Public relations

G-EXPO has a network of top media contacts and authentice influencers. We create disruptive media campaigns, engineer your social media strategy and enhance your brand image. At G-EXPO we can make it happen. Our main services include:

  •  Advertising and informative coverage.
  •  Press conferences. 
  •  Press releases.
  •  The public relations activities for companies and institutions.
  •  Traditional and Electronic public relations management.


No matter if its tactical, strategic crisis or any other task, just ask. We get it done. As independant consultants we will support you with knowhow, be your sparring partner and your executive team. You can relu on experts that hit the spot. Our services include:

  •  Event consultancy. 
  •  Creative and design consultancy. 
  •  Marketing consultancy. 
  •  Venue consultancy. 

Our Portfolio



Our Valued Clients

Our success and excellence are made by our partnership with our clients. Furthermore, we manage all of the aspects of our events in a professional manner and creative thinking to leave a distinctive impression and achieve effective results. We consider our clients as our best gains. Therefore, meeting our clients’ needs is our major goal. Every event is significant to us. We consider our partners’ success as ours.

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2nd Floor, Office 8, Block B. Al Nimer Centre 5252. Al Imam Saud Ibn AbdulAziz Branch Rd. Al Nakhil District. Riyadh 12381, Saudi Arabia.

Email: info@gexpo.co

(966) 55 407 9433 - (966) 11 417 3340